Whole Foods? Too expensive!!

Health food is expensive!

I had a very close friend who suffers from diabetes. She hated going to the local food bank (which only served one type of food) because she could not afford to buy enough food for herself to eat. I could tell she struggled with this feeling, because she said, “I would buy a cheeseburger and make myself a small amount of ice cream.” It has been reported by several health food bloggers that healthy food is less expensive than other types of food. And it’s also been reported that if you can plan your meals ahead of time, you can have your meals for less.

Whole foods nutrition standards require everyone on the program to take supplements, and many are required to take combination supplements. Admittedly, they do sometimes run promotions via Ebates, which have sign-up bonuses frequently.

Most of the supplements are dosed according to the definition of a “normal” adult’s dietary intake, but “a normal” adult can still be deficient in certain essential nutrients. That’s because some nutrients are non-essential to people who consume more than 5% of their calories from them. Although they are usually needed to function, they’re not crucial for the general health of the body. In the United States, this means that people with depression who drink a lot of alcoholic beverages might have a nutritional deficiency that is contributing to their depression.

Life is busy. Getting out of the house¬†with little ones is often a mixed blessing. I’ve noticed that I tend to be less nice to people, less patient with people, when I’m exhausted. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a bad person, I’m just exhausted. This is compounded by all the media and marketing I’ve had to read/watch/read/watch/read recently. It all makes me exhausted.

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